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Are you a safe driver?

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Small habits make a huge difference. Look over this checklist (recommended by the State of California DMV) and ask yourself if you really do all of these things. If you don't, make a conscious effort to begin doing them.

When starting your car, do you:

Put on your seat belt and make sure others are buckled?
Make sure your mirrors and seat are adjusted properly?
Know where all the controls are located?

When moving forward, do you:

Turn on your signal?
Check your mirrors and look over your shoulder before pulling into traffic?
Use both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel?

When stopping, do you:

Check traffic all around?
Stop behind crosswalks and limit lines?
Stop without keeping your foot on the gas?

When turning, do you:
Slow down?
Yield right of way when necessary?
Begin and end turns in the correct lane?
Accept legal right of way when safe?
See and react appropriately to hazards?

When backing up, do you:
Check your mirrors?
Look over both shoulders?

When changing lanes, do you:

Signal and check your mirror?
Check over your shoulder to see your blind spot?
Change lanes safely?
Maintain your speed?

When driving on the freeway, do you:

Check the traffic flow?
Time your entry onto the freeway?
Check your mirrors and over your shoulder before merging into traffic?
Signal early and slow on the exit ramp?
Adjust your speed to the current road conditions?

When it comes to defensive driving, do you:

Keep a lookout all around, including way up ahead?
Check your mirrors before braking?
Follow at a safe distance?
Check cross streets before passing?
Check for signal lights and hand signs?
Keep a "space cushion" around your car?

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